Wall fabric MV fiberglass produced by Viet Long factory – located in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Thuan Hung Interior Decoration Company Limited plays the role of importing and distributing from Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone.

  1. Product ingredients:

There are two main components: the fiberglass fabric base layer and the patterned PVC surface layer.

  • Fiberglass substrate composition: made from Silicate (sand), Clay (clay), Limestone (limestone), Colemanite (calcium hydrated vitreous mineral), Fluorspar (fluorspar mineral), Sodium sufute (sodium sulfite), Soda ash (soda powder) is melted at temperatures above 1200 degrees Celsius to spin into yarns with a diameter of 5-25 microns for class E fabrics, and from there woven into individual sheets, henceforth called fiberglass cloth.
  • The composition of the printed surface layer: consists of a thin layer of PVC plastic and a flame retardant: PVC resin vinyl Thai, Plasticzier DINP, water base ink, stabilizer agent, white color plaste, CACO3, fire retardant agent.</li >
  • Ink color: printed with imported Korean water-based ink, ensuring safety for users, contributing to protecting the living environment.


  1. Product Features:
  • More durable than paper products: not easy to tear, not rot, not deformed over time, hard to scratch.
  • Fire resistance: does not catch fire, does not spread, produces white smoke, not black smoke when burned thanks to the non-combustible fiberglass base and the PVC layer will shrink and produce white smoke.
  • Reusable: when the wall is damp, remove the cloth and finish treating the wall and then re-glue it normally.
  • High color fastness: 10 years product warranty according to Factory product policy.

Green products: using materials with natural ingredients such as sand, clay, and watercolors, which are environmentally friendly and safe to use.