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We would like to be a trusted wallcoverings supplier for your projects

As a leading wallcovering products manufacturer in Vietnam, we always look for business partners to help bring our products closer to the users. Therefore, if you are the owner or developer of


Real estate


Hotel, resort, restaurant


Office building


Or any property projects

Then, we’d like to partner with you

Why work with Viet Long?

Wallcovering products market is extremely competitive with thounsands of companies. The market is flooded by a vast number of choices.

However, BEING A MANUFACTURER, NOT a trading company, allows us to be among your best partners for several reasons:

  • We can meet big quantity orders with special requirements
  • We understand the products thoroughly
  • We stand behind the quality without compromise
  • We offer the special pricing
  • We have our own factory with advanced technology
  • We have our own Support Team to give you help

If you are still in seek of a trusted business partner for your projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us at once

Used in many different projects. Want to be the next?

Our products have been used for many projects ranging from family homes to villas and huge buildings across Vietnam

You can see more about it here

It’s our pleasure if you are the next one who uses our products