“White color” for a stunning living room

Today, I would like to introduce to you how to decorate the living room with beautiful wallpaper Thuan Hung. You can mix your own office with a cheap wallpaper material but perfectly match the style of office decoration.
– Quote from Lamsao –
Country style of France

Do you like the gentle and classic French country style? Then decorate your living room with pure white lace or pure white curtains, sofas covered with white fabric and a wall paper or painted with the same color, all will create. an extremely feminine feeling. Do not forget to take care of the fresh flowers in the room.

Neutral white color

For modern style lovers, there are plenty of white choices for your living room, be it white or gray. With decorative items such as lamps, sofas, wardrobes, art vases, and the same color, the room will bring a modern and stylish look.

The living room is navy

Accessories such as sofas, pillows, or wall hangings with white stripes – navy blue with navy accents on prominent white backgrounds will bring your living space to coolness, a touch Great as in the sea trip.

The combination of white and cream

Your living room will have a whole new look with two main colors in white and cream, along with accessories that can not be so soft as curtains, pillows, flowers, etc. You will be able to enjoy the coffee in a space of classic color like this.

Scatter red for Scandi style

The combination of white and red creates a living room with a classic Scandi style and romance – a simple way that is very effective. Simply place a few accessories in a bright red color for a white living room that is very nice to your home such as pillows, flower vases, or flower pots for example.

Luxurious style with white – black tone

There is no need to talk too much about the classic black and white colors. They are a perfect combination for those who love the elegant, polite and classic style for their living room space. You can put a black TV in the center of the room, creating a cozy feel with black-and-white sofas matching the dark carpeted carpet.

Pink accents for the white living room

This is the layout that any girl may love. With pink, pink fuchsia or pink roses, your living room will be as feminine and sweet as its owner.

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